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Relaxation Audio Session:

Relaxation with Rivka



Misc. Resources:!/pages/The-Feel-Good-Factor-Salford-City-Radio-944FM/140149526017036   Uplifting Feel Good Tunes & Live Inspirational Guests Every Monday – 1pm till 3pmwith host Sara Lou-Ann JonesListen in here :

The Movers and Shakers in the Personal Growth and Personal Development Field: New York Times best selling author Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality. – The official site of Anthony Robbins, a recognized authority on peak performance and the creator of Personal Power and Get the Edge.   and  –  He’s NLP with heart, amongst other things! Steven Linder’s Official Sites  and   –  for UK based training in NLP etc – Phillip Parker’s sites  PaulMcKenna training

Book list:

Smart Moves: Why Learning is Not All in Your Head 
– Carla Hannaford PhD

7 Habits Of Highly Effective People  – StephenRCovey

Ageless Body Timeless Mind – DeepakChopra

Beyond Fear  –  DorothyRowe

Bikrams Yoga  – BikramChoudhury

Change Your Life In 7 Days    – EileenMulligan

Continum Concept (In Search Of Happiness Lost)  – JeanLiedloff

Families & How To Survive Them  – RobinSkynner,JohnCleese

Fats And Heal, Fats That Kill  – UdoErasmus

Food And Healing  – –AnneMarieColbin

Head First  – TonyBuzan

Health Defence  – DrPaulClayton

Intimate Communion  – DavidDeida

Life & How To Survive It  – Robbin Skynner,JohnCleese

Men Are From Mars Woman Are From Venus  – JohnGray

Notes From A Friend – AnthonyRobbins

Primary Perception  – ClevelandBackster

Synchro Destiny  – DeepakChopra

Take Yourself To The Top  – LauraBerman, Fortgang

The Definitive Book Of Body Language  – AllanAndBarbaraPease

The Field  – LynneMcTaggart

The Hidden Messages In Water  – MasuruEmoto

The Hypnotic World Of Paul McKenna  – Carlton

The Life Coaching Handbook  – CurlyMartin

The PH Miracle  – RobertOYoungAndShelleyRedfordYoung

The Richest Man In Babylon  – GeorgeSClason

The Road Less Travelled  – M.ScottPeck

The Structure Of Magic – Grinder Bandler

The Structure Of Magic II  – Grinder Bandler

The Way Of The Wizard  – DeepakChopra

Think And Grow Rich –  Napoleon Hill

Timeline Therapy  – TadJames

Transform Your Life – CaroleGaskell

Transforming Your Dragons  – JoseStevans

Unlimited Power  – AnthonyRobbins

Water And Salt  – DrFBatmanghelidj

Water Cures Drugs Kill  – DrFBatmanghelidj

What Dr’s Don’t Tell You – LynneMcTaggart

Womans Bodies, Womans Wisdom  – Dr Christiane Northrup

  1. Smart Moves: Why learning is not all in your head Carla Hannaford PHd

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