I’m Jumping Right In!

Isn’t it funny how small things can stick in the memory?  Whilst ploughing laboriously through oodles of probably very intelligent works on philosophy as part of my degree (I say ‘probably’, because if I’m honest, I didn’t understand half of it, the language was so obtuse) I remember coming across rather a refreshing viewpoint.  In the introduction to one of his tombs of wisdom, the author (I think it was John Searle) spent quite some time telling us how he was using the book to air his CURRENT views on the philosophy of consciousness.  He said that he might well shortly change his mind, and then he’d air those views instead, and he reserved the right to do so. 

Isn’t that a refreshing way to think?  If its good enough for Searle, its good enough for me!  Rather than pontificating and obsessing endlessly about whether the contents of this blog are right, whether they ought to be preserved for posterity, whether I’ve dotted all my ‘i’s and crossed all my ‘t’s … I’m just going to write!  I hereby reserve the right to change my mind, or even (heaven forfend!) to be wrong!  Hah.  That feels good.

I’m a life coach and hypnotherapist (amongst a bunch of other things), and I delight in partnering up with my clients to help them achieve the life they desire.  My wish for this blog as it sets sail on its maiden voyage, is that it provide its readers with inspiration, food for though, avenues for exploration and the occasional giggle or two.

So here’s a little something to think about … where in your life would it serve you right now to Just Jump In? The water may well be cold, but how will you ever know, until you go for it?  Calculate your risks by all means, just remember that time is precious – you’ll learn more by the experience than you ever will by theorising about it … so take the leap and enjoy the journey!

Yours, with gloriously wet feet,


Ps: All feedback very gratefully welcomed, all subscribers even more gratefully welcomed, and those who recommend this blog to others … well, you’re just Top Banana!






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  1. Congratulations Rivka – this is a great start. And yes this is exactly how to get going…just write.

    This is a nicely written post which is easy to read – not too long not too short. You’re a quick learner! Well done.

  2. Well done. There’s always a beginning and there’s always an end, there’s always a first time and always a last time so well done – you have begun.

    Love 🙂

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